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Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. | Services

Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc., function in all aspects of Product concept, development and testing. BMR has the unique capacity to deliver on a multitude of product specifications as well as provide practical Formulated Calculations, modeling and research. The staff's sophisticated expertise and NSF-ISR certifications in quality automotive, aerospace and industrial design, assembly and manufacture meet the customer’s requirements.

BMR Engineering

BMR’s extensive experience aids the designing and manufacturing process by customized Bellows designed software as well as industry standards such as Solid Works and CAD/CAM integrated with rapid prototyping capabilities. Identification via non-destructive and or destructive testing is thoroughly documented and analyzed during the Reverse-Engineering process.

BMR Testing

BMR’s facility utilizes video camera monitoring and recording to ensure quality, accuracy as well as provide for a reassessment throughout the various qualification testing which includes; pressure, cycle, multi-axis and fatigue testing. Tests are performed with custom in-house equipment simulating actual use conditions as required by the specifications of each customer.

BMR Manufacturing

The strength of the Manufacturing Divisions at BMR is in the collaborative effort to efficiently deliver intricate components and complete products. These include: metal Bellows assemblies, hose assemblies, exhaust systems, duct assemblies, expansion joints and more. The in-house Tooling Department is capable of supporting this process.

BMR Quality

BMR is certified to ISO 9001 and AS9100 standards, and is EJMA compliant. The quality control measures enforce these specifications. The company is dedicated to the most reliable quality and the philosophy of continued improvement allowing product fabrication with the most consistent industry standards, on time, and at the most reasonable cost to the customer.

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Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. | Products

Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. designs and manufactures components and assemblies for the aerospace, aeronautical, automotive, refineries, cryogenic, mining, construction, medical, various engineering and manufacturing industries. The company is growing in many areas and breaking new ground in the Medical Industry, expanding into Pressure Vessel capabilities and acquiring requisite federal certifications or accreditations. Our extensive portfolio of engineering, design, fabrication, assembly and testing expertise include the following products: Single Tied Expansion Joints, Gimbal Expansion Joints, Exhaust Assembly Bellows, Refractory Lined Expansion Joints, Custom Metal Bellows, Stainless Steel Bellows, Hinged Expansion Joints, Universal Expansion Joints, Single Metal Bellows, Tied Universal Expansion Joint, Flexible Metal Hoses, In-Line Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints, Slip-Tube Expansion Joints, Bellows Expansion Joints, Flanges. Quality materials for metal Bellows and metal expansion joints vary from stainless steel (all grades) to nickel-based alloys (i.e., Inconel 718 & 600 ser.), Hastelloy, Copper, Bronze, and Titanium. Bellows MFG utilizes DFARS US made materials; each product undergoes rigorous testing in accordance with industry standards ensuring safety and effectiveness. BMR works with a variety of organizations to create parts and products for some of the most advanced applications and uses around the world. The approach to every project is tailored to the unique needs of the customer while the manufacture of the final product is methodically quality controlled at each stage in the process. Understanding that research and development are critical during product development; we fully welcome small run and prototype development opportunities and any customer-designed products.

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Stainless Steel Bellows | Metal Expansion Joints | Metal Bellows

Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. is an industry leader in custom metal bellows and stainless steel expansion joint assemblies.

Stainless Steel Bellows

Metal Expansion Joints

Metal Bellows

Bellows Expansion Joints

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