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Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. located at 860 Arroyo Street San Fernando, California, 91340 in the United States; formed after WWII and has grown steadily over the past half century. The company holds certifications in AS9100 and ISO 9001, is FDA approved and EJMA compliant.  With the ability to provide full product development from concept to prototyping, modeling, designing, engineering, critical testing and manufacturing; BMR offers a wide variety of products and services globally.  The high bay under-roof manufacturing space and in-house forming, machining and tooling stations attract customers from leading industries in aerospace, aeronautical, automotive, refineries, cryogenic, mining, construction, medical and more.

In 2016 BMR’s engineers developed, manufactured and delivered both four-ply and five-ply Inconel bellows assemblies which were incorporated into rocket fuel systems by space launch customers who successfully deployed client satellites”.   BMR is a Woman Owned Small Business as defined by the U.S. Small Business Administration and further BMR meets the criteria of a Woman Owned Disadvantaged Small Business by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Energy, and the Agency for International Development. Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc.’s CAGE code is 54ZS9.

Throughout all company divisions and stages of production; quality control standards developed from BMR’s inception provide the reliability demanded of each specialization of product and service.

The Engineering Division can aid concept design with feedback from qualified Ph.D.’s, the latest in CAD/CAM 3D modeling as well as in-house developed software based on years of bench testing. The Product Testing Division independently records, monitors and subjects products to expected real-world and maximum-level stresses to ensure verification and qualification using in-house custom-built units able of simulating a multitude of motion and pressure extremes.  The Bellows Division produces a wide variety of assemblies; diameters range from 0.250” to 60”, wall thickness range from 0.003” to 0.250”, single ply up to six-ply.  The Machine Shop Division includes a proficient Tooling Department as well as Lathe, Mill and EDM CNC’s.  The Welding Division consists of resistance spot/seam welding, multi-axis welding stations, automatic seam welding and can perform TIG, MIG and Brazing.  Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. expanded to new products and services with intense research and development in The Medical Division and The Pressure Vessel Division.

The flexibility, extensive knowledge-base and proven track-record has satisfied customers whether they are multi-national corporations, government contractors or other organizations no project is too large or too small and no requirement too specialized or too generalized.

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