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Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. is committed to delivering quality products and services on time. We are designer and manufacturer of custom SS Bellows for a wide range of metal Bellows Expansion Joint applications in aerospace industry and industrial sectors. Our primary objective is pursuing customer satisfaction by:

Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. is an AS9100, ISO 9001 and FDA Certified and EJMA (EXPANSION JOINT MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION) compliant company. We have a single standard all-encompassing Quality System. We do not subscribe to a quality detection program, but rather a methodology for building quality into our designs and products from inception to completion.

Statistical Process Control is implemented when applicable, during the manufacturing phase, and captures critical dimensional data, ensuring that dimensions and other criteria are not only within tolerance, but well within control limits. This approach means products move to the next process, in compliance with drawing and specification requirements.

At Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. success is built on the strength of our employees. It is their commitment to continuous improvement, error-proofing processes, and the production of quality products, which meet or exceed customer’s expectations and provides the means for achieving our objectives.

Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. provides the highest quality products and services at the lowest possible cost, accordant with our customer’s needs and expectations. Furthermore, we frequently review our results and strive for continuous improvement.

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