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Metal Finishing Methods & Uses – Anodizing, Plating, Coating standard

Metal Finishing is a term that is used to describe many forms of treatments of metals, of countless different types and alloys. Metals have been finished or treated for thousands of years. Early civilizations would create hammered, polished and sanded finishes on a variety of metals such as bronze, copper, gold, silver, and iron. These finishes were applied to jewelry, containers, and weapons. As time went on the processes and finishes became more sophisticated, as did the equipment and methods to utilize these finishes. Several newer finishes had a much more functional use. Finishing today encompasses media blasting for metal cleaning and preparation for other finishes, with various elements such as sand, corundum of varied grits. Walnut shells are even ...

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Metal Forming from the Ancient to the Most Exotic standard

Metal Forming has been done for thousands of years. From early man making knives and spear heads from iron meteorites, found on the ground from falls, and bronze items both artistic and functional. Some of the earliest metal forming was from native gold and silver, examples being discovered in Egyptian tombs, Etruscan, and Viking burial sites and Aztec, Mayan, and Peru archeological excavations. Weapons such as swords made by the Japanese were incredibly advanced. Metal Forming methods ranged from, hot and cold forging to casting were employed. During the Industrial Revolution, more sophisticated methods were discovered and created. Casting and Forging processes aided the on-coming of mass production. Machining techniques became more mechanized and turning lathes, and milling machines came ...

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Methods of Non-Destructive Testing and Why it is Performed standard

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is a term typically used for any testing program that does not harm or degrade a product or a part of a product.  The requirements for Non-Destructive Testing usually emerge during the development and prototype stage of a product design program. Many kinds of Non-Destructive Testing are utilized depending upon the product.  Ultrasonic Testing (UT) is used to determine the material thickness of an item or for the detection of internal flaws that could weaken a component.  Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI) is used to detect surface flaws in metal and other types of materials.  This method requires the items inspection; solvent cleaned, apply penetrating dye to its surface and subsequently tested.  After a period, it is to ...

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Boost Profitability with ISO9001 and AS9100 Certifications standard

Why do companies put themselves through the time and expense required to become certified for the dictates of ISO9001 or AS9100? Simply put it is good business practice.  The inherent benefits of implementing the ISO9100 and AS9100 policies and requirements far outweigh the negative impact of system operations and maintenance.    While initially the time and cost can be daunting there are various resources available to help documenting and implementing a system tailored to each company’s needs.  Many small businesses feel unable to afford to become certified, this belief is misguided.  A company can begin implementation and apply the elements gradually until achieving full implementation.  The integration of the systems enables managers to review existing procedures and incorporate enhancements. Being forced ...

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The Basics of Pipe Design, Practice, and Safe Implementation standard

Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. is proud of its knowledge base and experience that includes sound piping engineering knowledge, specialist skills in pipe stress analysis and piping design and layout. BMR is adept at pipe support selection in conjunction with the appropriate expansion joints. BMR’s pipe stress analysis experience is being utilized in such industries as aerospace, oil and gas, cryogenics including LNG, air separation, chemical, pharmaceuticals, alumina and other mineral industries. Delivering support to customers for both piping systems and expansion joints is a challenge undertaken with great care and pride. Customer requirements provide the direction necessary to ensure proper design support systems are in place for protecting the expansion joints and verifying precise functionality per design specifications. Step ...

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Importance of Destructive Testing to Avoid Catastrophic Failures standard

San Fernando, CA November 20, 2014 – Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. has acquired and developed a new high-pressure hydrostatic proof test and burst test chamber which is capable of safely pressure testing components up to 50,000 PSIG under very controllable conditions. When NASA, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and other space agencies want to be confident in the performance of a newly manufactured concepts or design prototypes, they entrust their assembly to Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. BMR consistently demonstrates superior quality of the products and ensures all tests will reliably provide accurate measurements, reviewable recorded backups and precisely determine critical stress levels. Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. has unique testing tools and unrivaled capabilities sought after by each of these ...

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Integral Components that Shape the Future of Space Exploration standard

San Fernando, CA October 29, 2014 – Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. is a world leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of metal bellows and metal expansion joints. Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. is excited to announce their involvement with a number of Space application projects, for several large U.S. based companies such as, SpaceX. BMR is a world leader in the manufacturing of metal bellows and metal expansion joints, components used in the high tech assemblies and engineering applications of numerous industries. Based in the United States, Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. works in conjunction with diverse companies worldwide. BMR is responsible for supplying the bellows and expansion joint components required for the functioning of applications in a ...

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