San Fernando, CA November 20, 2014 – Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. has acquired and developed a new high-pressure hydrostatic proof test and burst test chamber which is capable of safely pressure testing components up to 50,000 PSIG under very controllable conditions.

When NASA, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and other space agencies want to be confident in the performance of a newly manufactured concepts or design prototypes, they entrust their assembly to Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. BMR consistently demonstrates superior quality of the products and ensures all tests will reliably provide accurate measurements, reviewable recorded backups and precisely determine critical stress levels. Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. has unique testing tools and unrivaled capabilities sought after by each of these companies, in every industry involved, as they continue to expand innovative solutions for the advancement of space exploration and scientific discoveries.

Recent issues in the spotlight related to spaceflight complications have shown that proper design, development and testing of all equipment become an even more prominent priority. Companies are raising the standards when it comes to system design and testing, to ensure no failures as they pursue scientific advancements. BMR will play a significant role in the development and testing of successful equipment and applications as the aerospace industry continues to explore options associated to commercial space travel.

Within the aerospace and aeronautical industries, as well as numerous other technical and industry sectors such as cryogenic, heavy machinery and more, many components are required to create the assemblies needed for precision handling and operation. BMR manufacturing capabilities consistently meet expectations as they pertain to the design, development, and production of customized metal Bellows, high-pressure Bellows, metallic expansion joints and more. Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. offer extensive services in all aspects of metals fabrication, utilizing the ideal components and materials for each assembly, whether intended for a large-scale application or small precision products.

Testing of the final products is as important as the development, design, and production of each component. Accurate testing that ensures proper tolerancing, resistance, thermal and pressure capabilities and more are critical for applications being used in many industries. Recent examples in the spotlight have emphasized the importance of thorough testing of all components for safety and effectiveness prior to their installation in delicate applications. Formal and objective testing procedures are used at BMR to ensure complete accuracy. Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. applies testing procedures that are considered to be the most stringent and adhere to the highest industry standards.

When conducting metallurgical tests to guarantee the accuracy of design and development, it is essential to consider not only materials and methods, but also each and every connection in the assembly that is created by Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. With precise surface finishes selected, all treatments are guaranteed to meet all standards and customer expectations. Appropriate spring rate and life cycle testing and leak tests will all help determine how operative an assembly will be for a particular application. When proper testing is successfully conducted, there is a greater likelihood of success, and far reduced possibility of any catastrophic failure related to equipment or manufacturing.

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Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. is based in San Fernando, California. BMR strives to provide quality bellows and expansion joint components capable of handling a vast multitude of applications. By providing a range of services ranging from developing single prototypes to complex assemblies, BMR is recognized as a world leader in the industry.

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