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At Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. we design and build assemblies and applications requiring metal Bellows and expansion joints. Our extensive experience allows us to be highly flexible with the product design, and efficiently provide results to the customers.

The engineers at BMR apply the right tools for the development of a particular use. Prior to any fabrication, part configuration is carefully reviewed to ensure compliance and feasibility. As a result, the products produced by BMR have been determined to be the most accurate in the industry.

BMR’s on-site manufacturing facilities and engineering department works closely together, as well as in conjunction with every customer. Whether we receive hard copies or electronic correspondence, BMR can easily review all documents in a timely manner. Allowing every customer to feel confident that their project will be moving forward at an on-schedule pace and within budget.

Additionally, BMR utilizes CAD / CAM software to generate 3D models that can be used to preview every component before manufacturing begins. This review takes place, and approval from the customer is sought prior to production, to ensure that the process is cost efficient and within specifications.


Prior to manufacturing at Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. the customer’s product data is fully scanned and measured. Upon completion of dimensional data, this is then used in CAD models until compliance and tolerancing are acceptable. The result makes it simple for customers to review shapes and tolerances and ensure complete customization.


With decades of unparalleled experience in the application of engineering, design and fabrication, Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. can take a customer’s existing product and Reverse Engineer to required specifications. BMR is home to many technical masters when it comes to machining, tooling and manufacturing.

BMR Tooling
BMR Tooling

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