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Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. specializes in developing customized systems for metal Bellows and expansion joint applications. Amply equipped with the most current design software, as well as programs developed by our specialists, which allows creation and thorough analysis of any project, this includes some unique and individualized requirements.

Bellows Manufacturing Engineering

For BMR engineers, the Bellows design process comes naturally, from concept through production. We have developed a unique life cycle prediction tool, empowering engineers to apply mechanical strength analysis formulas accurately, to predict the useful life of the Bellows products produced by Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. With these implemented calculations, BMR considers various factors such as materials and operating conditions that may affect the life cycle of the product.

To ensure complete accuracy and compliance, BMR uses a variety of high-tech modeling processes to develop images of the final assembly used during the design process. Assuring the final product will fit properly into the intended components before manufacturing is complete.

BMR specializes in customized designs for easy handling of specific applications, and development of even the most complex and unique fabrications that an industry may require, and no project is too small or too large.


BMR uses a team effort when reverse engineering a part, including metallurgical resources, during the design and manufacturing of all Bellows and expansion joint products. The latest techniques are utilized effectively to provide high-quality products to customers in a cost-effective and timely manner.


Using CAD, BMR can evaluate and measure devices, or complete assemblies, and then accurately reconstruct them into three-dimensional models or two-dimensional drawings to ensure the most precise fabrication and manufacturing.

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