Single Bellows

Single Bellows

Among the many varieties of Bellows available, the most common are metal expansion joints and single metal Bellows. Materials commonly used in manufacturing Bellows include stainless steel, titanium, Monel, and high-performing alloys such as Inconel and Hastelloy.  Depending on the application, Bellows can also be fabricated from bronze, aluminum, as well as copper.

Stainless steel Bellows manufactured from alloys such as 321, 304, 304L, 316, and 316L are typical.  However, for higher stress applications that apply extreme temperatures or pressures on parts, the best solution is often Inconel Bellows. Bellows made of Inconel 600 or 625 not only have higher temperature and pressure tolerance, they actually harden and become stronger over time, due to the material’s unique properties.

Titanium Bellows and Inconel 718 Bellows, are often used in cryogenic and aerospace applications; their material properties and convolution geometries suit them well for extreme conditions. Bellows can be heat treated after the convolutions become formed, which increase strength and adaptability for various usages.

In many applications, single Bellows or single expansion joints must be built with a braided metal. This feature is a safeguard that contains internal pressure and mechanically prevents the unit from overextending or moving excessively.

A single Bellows assembly can include a single-ply or multi-ply Bellows, according to the particular application needs. Often it is built with pipe ends and a combination of flanges. A single metal Bellows may also include internal or external telescoping ability or individual liners. Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. designs and fabricates Bellows ranging in size from 0.003″ inch to 0.130″ inch, for single-ply or multi-ply expansion joints.

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