Why do companies put themselves through the time and expense required to become certified for the dictates of ISO9001 or AS9100?

Simply put it is good business practice.  The inherent benefits of implementing the ISO9100 and AS9100 policies and requirements far outweigh the negative impact of system operations and maintenance.    While initially the time and cost can be daunting there are various resources available to help documenting and implementing a system tailored to each company’s needs.  Many small businesses feel unable to afford to become certified, this belief is misguided.  A company can begin implementation and apply the elements gradually until achieving full implementation.  The integration of the systems enables managers to review existing procedures and incorporate enhancements.

Being forced to structure the business in a systemic manner departments begin to communicate with each other and foster coordination.  Documentation and verification are at the heart of the systems.  The outcome is the reduction of the duplication of effort and ultimately reduced downtime with more on time delivery of the product resulting in cost savings; which, of course, increases competitiveness.

Another benefit is that customers begin to have more confidence in the company.  In many cases forgoing annual audits of an organization’s Quality system as long as it remains certified.  To conduct business with some companies maintaining certification is a requirement; otherwise there will not be an ability to bid and receive business.  All industries large or small should look at implementing and becoming certified to ISO9001 and AS9100.  It is just good business practice.

To learn more about getting ISO9001 and AS9100 certified is by visiting the governing body found at Certification ISO organization and also through NSF International Strategic Registrations website.

Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. has proven the worth of adopting ISO9100 and AS9100 systems into the framework of its organization.  We implemented both several years ago and have increased measurable productivity, increased customer base (several of which mandated certification) and enhanced product quality significantly.  Bellows Manufacturing and Research, Inc. recently renewed certifications and as part of recertification BMR is excited to announce the expansion of capabilities in piping design and engineering that fall under the umbrella of ISO9100 and AS9100 control.

BMR highly recommends that companies take the step of implementing and utilizing the attributes of these proven systems for their businesses.

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